Selective Timed Staging

From Mesopoly 3.0
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To stage savesets from one jukebox to another selectively after some time we need a script.

REM with mminfo we prepare list of savesets to be cloned
REM selected are savesets that are in their original pool, from client OurClient, that are more than 7 days old
REM list is saved to a file
REM you have to set 'pool', 'client', 'savetime' (age) and 'name' (saveset)  variables according to need as well as name and location of a file that will contain saveset list
REM of course you can use less or more variables, or use entirely different variables (see man mminfo)
mminfo -q "pool=InitialPool,client=OurClient, savetime<7days ago,name=/save/set" -r ssid > C:\ssidvtl1.txt
REM here we instruct Networker to stage savesets whose ssid's are in a file to a Clone pool and log the activity to a file
nsrstage -m -b DestinationClonePool -S -f C:\ssidvtl1.txt  >> C:\staging_log.txt 2>&1