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EMC (Legato) Networker




  • E22-128 - Administration
  • E22-141 - Specialist


  • to free resources on front end VTL you may wish to stage savesets after a while Selective Timed Staging
  • to tell version of a Networker client
  • to add remote storage node device to vtl jukebox (emc dl4206)
    • on VTL console > Virtual tape library system > Virtual Libraries > Your Library -- notice number of drives dedicated to jukebox.
    • serial number on device may be comparable to serial number displayed on Networker device > properties. Also notice Element ID
    • sjisn scsidev@1.2.3 will also display devices which quantity tells how many devices jubeox may use / have. Also notice Element number
    • in two lines above above mentioned "element address" is needed for
    • delete drive if needed with
      jbedit -d -f /dev/asdf -E ElementID -v -s servername -j jukeboxname
    • add drive with
      jbedit -a -f /dev/asdf -E ElementID -v -s servername -j jukeboxname
      taking care ElementID is available and free
  • to set tapes to be recycled manually from command prompt in shell > nsrmm -o manual -v -y volumename
  • to recycle tapes manually > nsrmm -o recycle volumename
  • to start group backup from the command line
    • from server > savegrp -l full "Name of the group"
  • if permission denied at restore:
    • add your client from which you are starting recovery to 'hosts' file and 'servers' file of nsr server and client you are recovering from
    • in networker cliend definition resource add user working on recovery
  • to delete a saveset "nsrmm -dy -S 546902992
  • to delete aborted save sets, ie. 'clean' device, and so free space on disk device .. "nsrstage -C -V DEVICE.RO"
  • to stage (migrate) single ssid "nsrstage -m -b "Pool To Save To" -S 2476198025"
  • to stage savesets from media to media
    • mminfo -avot -r "ssid" -q "volume=[vol]" > list_of_ssids.ini (get savesets to a file)
    • nsrstage -v -b [pool] -m -S -f list_of_ssids.ini
  • to copy volume - clone savesets
    • to get a list of savesets with cloneids "mminfo -q volume="volume name" -r ssid,cloneid | awk '{print $1"/"$2}' > ssid.lst"
    • to clone (copy) a saveset "nsrclone -b pool -S ssid/cloneid"
    • OR
    • nsrclone -v -b <clone pool> <volume name> // check # of 'copies' later with mminfo -q volume=volumename -r ssid, copies
  • to clone savesets of a client made since yesterday
    • get a list of savesets "mminfo -t yesterday -c client_name -r ssid"
    • nsrclone -b "pool name" -S 791898185
  • to list savesets in a span of time mminfo -c clientname -q 'savetime>=01/04/2009 23:00:00,savetime<=01:00:00 today'
  • to recover using interactive shell command 'recover' - "recover -c client.332 -R netwrkrserver -i R "
  • to recover a saveset to a local directory recover -s servername -d /relocate/here/ -S 1250499234/4233721878
  • to recover using scanner command "scanner -S 4048245145 /dev/rmt/0cbn | uasm -rv -m /org/dest/=/recover/dest"
  • to (extract?) saveset from a point on the tape
    • obtain SSID
    • read out file and record number from mminfo -avVot -q 'ssid=21244549'
    • run scanner scanner -S -f 23 -r 112 /dev/rmt/2cbn
  • to generate report for a client; time range, listing savesets, size,.. , ordered by time
    • mminfo -q "savetime>=06/01/2009,savetime<=06/08/2009 23:59:00,client=nan000d7" -r sscreate,client,level,name,sumsize -o t >> totalsize.txt

jukebox related

  • sjirdtag 2.1.0 - will list status of slots and deposit slots
  • nsrjb -d -v -P3 -S34 -Y - will deposit tape from door port 3 to slot number 34
  • nsrjb -L -b NameofThePool -Y -S82 -v nameofthetape.023
  • mt routine for tape positioning
    • mt -f /dev/rmt/Xcbn rewind
    • mt -f /dev/rmt/Xcbn fsf 466
    • mt -f /dev/rmt/Xcbn fsr 0

migrating savesets to second server

  • obtain storage node and autochanger licences. temporary demo codes that come with media sets should do fine
  • load media in device, take note of the # of the slot AND device
  • stop first server nsr_shutdown, start nsrexec
  • configure first server as storage node on second server
  • once device shows in libraries > configure library
  • inventory source tape, might unload, so 'load (without mount?)' again
  • on remote node start scanner -i -s networkerservernamehere -c clientnamehere/dev/rmt/4cbn
  • query savesets on volume and clone to target clone pool via right click
  • once finished, empty devices, right click on libraries and delete jukebox
  • delete devices
  • delete storage node (optional?)
  • nsr_shutdown on storage node to exit client
  • networker start on 'storage node' /etc/init.d/networker start

  • loading multiple tapes in devices and running scanner in parallel?

recovering recycled saveset

#acquire ssid AND cloneid , getting cloneid >
bash-2.05#  mminfo -q "volume=nonbarcode.033" -r "ssid, cloneid"|grep 274737105
bash-2.05# nsrmm -e 3weeks -S 274737105/2188882108 #change retention of a saveset
bash-2.05# nsrmm -o notrecyclable -v -S 274737105/1231038059
Mark save set copy 274737105/1231038059 as not recyclable? yes
nsrck -L7 -t MM/DD/YY your_client_name_here
where DD is the day *after* the day of the saveset.


bash-2.05# mminfo -v -c client123 -q 'savetime>=01/04/2009,savetime<=01/05/2009 00:00:00' 
 volume        client           date     time         size ssid      fl   lvl name
nonbarcode.066 client123          01/04/09 04:00:58 1848 MB 274737105 cE  full /usr/IBMIHS

bash-2.05# mminfo -v -c client123 -q 'savetime>=01/04/2009,savetime<=01/05/2009 00:00:00' -q 'volume=nonbarcode.066' -r 'ssid,cloneid,volume,name,ssflags'
 ssid         clone id volume        name                           ssflags
274737105   1231038059 nonbarcode.066 /usr/IBMIHS                   vrEF

bash-2.05#  mminfo -a -q 'ssexp>=2month' nonbarcode.070 #to show which saveset prevents tape from recycling (with -r 'ssid' to get a number)
volume        client       date      size   level  name
nonbarcode.070 c3300018    01/04/09  15 MB    full  /some/dir


nsrd media info: Searching for new backup devices...^M
nsrd media info: Searching for NetWorker SCSI devices on 'server234'...^M
nsrd media info: Detection process for host server234 reports startwait: invalid pid or bad return from md_add: Errno 943^M
nsrd media info: Search for new backup devices completed with one failure.^M
Media warning: Can't create new LTO Ultrium-3 : The device HP      Ultrium 3-SCSI G27D is not installed properly.  
  • RPC error: Server can't decode arguments
  • " filesys_nuke_ssid: unable to unlink"



  • What happend with savesets of clients that are erased?
  • nsr.dir

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