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==Modeling ideas==
==Modeling ideas==

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Getting data to and from Bleder GE

Formula 1 Competition

  • F1 plenty of original looking 'cars'

yugos in 3D

  • red one
  • sporty
  • rusty must see! take care you see the whole off the thread, as updates are posted and process appraised by members

yugo art

cars in blender

mesh based modeling
nurbs based modelling

non blender car modeling

Making a lizard in Blender came as tutorial excercise from here. Similar Turtle modeling tutorial.

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See and compare!

While Modron got a preety decent if somewhat stiff lizard there, mine is more like a plastic dragon. That effect is probably due to the poor alignment and the choice of the color ie material. Also, I could not have resist putting these little ears or horns, what have you..

Blender is not a CAD you and me learned to know and appreciate. Initially I went through a bit of frustration, being seemingly unable to make precise definitions etc.

Here I am trying to collect some means of achieving CAD funcionality one meets elsewhere.

Blender FAQ

  • How do I save my preferred settings?

Press ctrl+U

=streaming blender game engine (ge) over the network / internet

mesh alignment tutorial

Sometimes you just want to align two meshes perfectly. With this recipe you have to separate meshes into separate objects first. Select part of the mesh, pres YKEY to separate from the rest of mesh and then PKEY to make it into a separate object.

Here is the way. Presume we now have two objects, a cube and a plane f.e. Each have a vertex at which we would like to attach them.

  • say we have cube and plane. they are aligned direction wise but we would like to put them so close as if they are joined.
  • select vertex on one object, where you want meshes to meet, SHIFT+SKEY, 'Cursor to Selection', change to Object Mode (TAB), Center Cursor (SPACE, Transform, Center Cursor)
  • select other object, Edit Mode, select destined vertex, SHIFT+SKEY, 'Cursor to Selection'
  • Change back to Object Mode, select first object, SHIFT+SKEY, 'Selection to Cursor'

reaching endpoit

  • place cursor at desired endpoint as described above
  • when drawing an edge (line) you select start point and press EKEY followed by ESCAPE, as if to abort action
  • SHIFT+SKEY, 'Selection to Cursor'

reaching midpoint

  • cut the line in half using CTRL+RKEY knife tool
  • proceed as above

If you would like to join the objects back into single object / mesh, select them and CTRL+JKEY

architecure tutorials

Blender Resources

textures and materials


python scripting ***


Tips & Recipes

  • 3 ways of cutting a round hole in the mesh

Modeling a Car in Blender

God knows I tried to keep out of car modelling, it being so .. uff. However, even if I stayed out of this, I would have to hit me before or later, as it seems to be obligatory deed, like desing a chair is for designers. Anyway here is my Car Model In Blender page.


Here are some of HotKeys that I have found worthwhile singling out, because I kept needing them the moment I forgot about them.


  • move vertices along the edge

Zlatkos WIP


Modeling Tutorials

Animation Tutorials

Texture tutorial

Lighting tutorials

Node Editor

Tutorial collections

Trivia and Misc

Modeling ideas