Travel to Novi Vinodolski

Wiena 644 km Munich 589 km Milan 529 km Budapest 560 km
Trieste 120 km Prague 950 km Ljubljana 170 km Maribor 300 km
Venice 245 km Airport Zagreb 180 km Airport Krk 25 km Airport Pula 145 km

There are four ways of arriving in Novi Vinodolski..

car or bus
  • motor way leads all over Adriatic coast

  • it connects to Italy
    with car you will remain mobile and there are great destinations in area beware long waiting times on border and slow traffic in mid-season (summer)
    airplane there is a 30 km distant airport "Rijeka" on island Krk your agent will probably have no difficulties fixing one ticket for you airport is not frequented - check with your agent
    boat this is probably most desirable option  check with marine first
    marine image
    train train station is in Rijeka, 48 km far if you plan one of the tours such as Eurail, Rijeka could well be one of your destinations you would have to find bus station and catch bus to Novi Vinodolski 

    hitchhiking is fairly common as well