Casa Rustica
Price: FREE (swap accomodation or similar offer)
Owner : Zlatko Ivanagic

Member: Hospitality Club
Drawing of the house Rustica by Marko D.


PLANS (12x6 meters)
bottom floor - toilets and intermezzo spaces
first floor - two rooms and kitchen
top floor - top room, extra guest room, terrasse
top room sea view - wooden floor
room entrance - west window - bedstand
double bed with nighstands & lamps
same bed (200x160) nicely set, nightstand, table edge, wooden floor
bed - south window - wardrobe
south window sea view
table - tube radio, tall mirror
ancient wooden shrine open
shrine closed - mirror
'green' room
double bed, nightstand, lamp, picture & window
table, chairs, wardrobe & second window
big wardrobe, big mirror
'yellow' room
"Meblo" standing floor lamp, double bed
wardrobe, nightstand, picture, tall mirror to left
pizza cut style seaview with a lot of mediterrean architedcture
table, couch (spare bed), wooden floor

older photos bellow - update soon

terasse on 03. august 2002, afternoon
Terasse Socializing
More Socialization
sa terase
jos terase
bunch of girls in toilet 1
bunch of girls in toilet 2
bunch of girls in toilet 3
bunch of girls in toilet 4
mirror, shelf,..
jos wc-a
Kitchen Tidyed
Kitchen Detail

Upper teracce view - 19 Jun 2005