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  • born on 09th of March 1967.
  • Same day Josef Stalin's daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva defects to the United States.
  • Those two are otherwise unrelated events, and I was 'never a member of communist party' or however that party line goes.
  • I therefore share birthday with Barbie doll and Ford Mustang, apparentlly.
  • I grew until the age of 6 in Sikirevci (45 06' 32 - 18 27' 52) with my mothers parents, in a pastoral and idilic environment of Pannonian, dominantly Catholic, yet multicultural, village Sikirevci.
  • I moved to Zagreb just in time to start schooling here.
  • Later on, after going through the motions needed to finish high school, and being fed up by resultant office lifestyle, I moved to Dubrovnik and later still to Australia.
  • Still later, I ended in Novi Vinodolski, and then back to Zagreb again...


Zlatko Ivanagic Remetinecki Gaj 8d
10020 Zagreb

Vanity URL




  • IBM WebSphere MQ
  • CSA - HP-UX v11 my HP-UX exam preparation notes
  • ASE - HP OpenView Systems and Servers - Windows
  • ASE - HP OpenView Systems and Servers v7 for Windows
  • ASE - HP ProLiant Servers [2005]
  • AIS - HP OpenView Network Services Management
  • AIS - HP OpenView Service Management
  • AIS - HP OpenView Systems and Servers
  • AIS - HP OpenView Systems and Servers v7 for Windows
  • AIS - HP ProLiant Servers [2005]

Software experience

  • Legato backup software
  • HP Service Desk administration - ITIL
  • Autonomy - knowledge management i.e. MDC Meaning Based Computing AU.L
  • Autocad, 3D Studio, Blender 3D


Social Networking put to practice

I do consider my social capital to be larger than this list, mind you. I put up those for starters only :p


I am maintaining this page for kicks, vital facts may not be even mentioned, other things overstated. Overall relevance should be doublechecked with your author. In 90-ties speak its 'under construcion' and nowadays you would say that this page is 'BETA'(as the joke goes)!