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not really serious Croatia page

Bits of info on the country behind three-colored flag adorned with iconic red and white checkerboard that beats England in football (soccer) occasionally


  • rail
    • HZ - notice that you can get cheap return rail tickets to Venice, Munich or Budapest in Zagreb
    • Arriving to Croatia, probablly will be of more use



mobile internet

(Jun 2012)

croatian products

economic bits

Prepaid GSM in Croatia

  • Tele2 probabaly best choice (summer 2009) get it for 3eur at tobacco shop with 3 eur prepaid included
  • Tomato is a VIP brand that seems best buy for your summer holiday in Croatia (2007).
  • VIP VipMe pricelist. vipme-topup model seems optimal. Requires registration at VIP center, providing credit card details.
  • T-com Simpa comparative pricelist

war in croatia

Beside other resources available on war in croatia that took place in nineties we would recommend Harrisnon's Flowers, a movie with Andie MacDowell. Serious.

other data on croatia

Croatia in the Press